Consulting and design
for bicycle friendly cities

Service and references

We support your city in several stages towards a better cycling climate

Consulting and research

Cycling policy, network analysis and plans, improvement programs, transition of local mobility, fast bike lanes, bicycle parking, traffic safety, research, team improvement

Re- / design

New or improved cycling routes, cycling friendly streets, intersections, local traffic, ‘Dutch check’ of your plans / designs, concepts of bicycle parking

Workshops and presentations

Applying international experience into your city plans, projects, group sessions, sketch sessions for streets or neighborhoods

Examples of measures for liveable streets

  • Bundling car traffic around the city centre, shopping streets or neighborhoods (such as modal filters, short one way streets, bicycle streets, efficient parking policy)
  • Increasing space and safety for walking, cycling, urban green
  • Combining such measures with maintenance planning for more available cycling budget: short term interventions (e.g. photo Brussel) and long term street typology
  • Future-proof workshops to shift street design thinking from car to walking / cycling / recreation
  • Creating broader acceptance for those sometimes controversial measures through successful (international) examples